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Captivity Launch Party TONIGHT Live On

Captivity Launch Party :: Broadcast By ManiaTV
TONIGHT!  July 10th @ 9pm PT/12am ET
Hosted by :: Dave Navarro

"The Most Controversial Movie of the Year"

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On Tuesday 9PM PT/12AM ET will be airing the launch party
for the movie release of Captivity, hosted live by Dave Navarro.

Captivity, directed by Roland Joffe, is an underground, spine chilling thriller that
follows the story of a young woman who is abducted, held against her will and
tortured for days. The live broadcast will include: celebrity interviews on the red
carpet, live interviews with the Suicide Girls and their contest winners, video
and interviews with live S&M performers, and live men fighting in cages.

Watch the Trailer:

Capitivity Live Promo Spot (by ManiaTV!)
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Click Here To Watch It All LIVE

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